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Rocking Horse Music


Jo O'Donnell

Hi! My name is Jo. I am based in Sydney to co-ordinate the NSW branch. I bring the Rocking Horse Music program to children and their parents/carers in this room each week.

My musicianship skills include: vocal, choral, piano, accompanying,  guitar, violin, composition, arranging, scoring, improvisation and an understanding of the basic music elements to be taught in early childhood. 

Over the past 20 years I have been able to develop these skills in a variety of  child care, school, community and  music studio settings.

I have always been very involved in the music education of my own 4 children as I consider music an ideal medium to develop their character and ability.

I believe all children have ability, that their learning environment should be secure, stimulating and joyful, that it should allow them the joy of self-initiated learning and that music is for everyone.