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Rocking Horse Music


Bradley Heuvel

Hi! My name is Bradley!

I’ve been teaching with Rocking Horse Music for over a year now,
and have enjoyed every minute!

I have over four years experience working in Early Childhood and have completed Certificate 111 in Children’s Services. I also recently attended Summer School and  completed the nationally accredited, Orff Music Education Level One course.

I am always interested to enhance my music teaching experience with regular attendance at PD music workshops and music courses.

I love to sing and play guitar, as well as share music with others.
I see Music Education for children as an important step in their cognitive and social development, and feel it is a privilege to be part of this. I find it most rewarding to share and watch children develop their own understanding and joy of music.
My approach is one of high energy, with a patient and all inclusive attitude.

I have been playing music since a young age and am currently involved in the live band music scene in Canberra. I play music with a variety of instruments and enjoy composing and arranging songs.

After years of enjoying working with children, my partner & I had our own perfect little boy, and I am currently overjoyed at being a new Father!