The benefits of music education
for young children.

Music education at a young age has profound and enduring positive effects on the developing child.

Music enriches us culturally and artistically and is vital to the growth of creativity and imagination in children.

Music is a universal language that unites us all.

Music assists us to master new skills.

Music assists the bonding process between parent and child and helps us all to relate harmoniously.

Music has the power to delight, transform, motivate and nurture us emotionally.

There is a "window of opportunity" in early childhood to switch children on to music for life.

Active music-making is multi-modal and multi-sensory.

Research indicates active music-making creates optimal brain organization and function.

Music helps us to construct meaning and develop our concentration skills and memory for future learning.

Music = brain food!

Active music-making develops sensitive and active-listening skills.

Music simultaneously develops multiple intelligences:

Music not only provides us all with a means of self-expression but also an awareness of our self and others.