Our approach to early childhood
music education

Every child and adult has music ability potential.

As teachers, parents and carers, we seek to be enthusiastic and effective musical role models.
We provide a nurturing and stimulating musical environment.

We respect each child and adult as a unique individual.

The "heart" of our program is to lay the foundations of basic musicianship in a developmentally appropriate, playful, engaging and educational manner.

We validate all musical efforts of children and adults.

We focus on active music-making and the complementary approaches of three prominent music educators:

We believe quality experiences of active music-making should be accessible to all children and adults.

We provide a diverse and exemplary collection of musical experiences and materials to develop aesthetic awareness.

We value the importance of live and active music-making.

We embrace our differences and look for similarities.

Our most powerful and potent instrument is our voice.

We value the process approach over performance pressure for young children.

We seek to be informed and always open to new developments in early childhood music education.